There is a yearly $30 Registration Fee per student in September

September-May monthly tuition is for  3, 4, or 5 lessons, with no refunds for missed ones.


I teach (6 -7) Free, 2 hour Group Classes per school year that will count for make-up lessons.
I also do free ensemble rehearsals throughout the school year when needed. 

 $100  per month (sept-may)———30 minute private lesson
 $150  per month (sept-may)———45 minute private lesson
 $110  per month (sept-may)———45 minute partner lesson
            $90    per month (sept-may)———30 minute partner lesson          
$80    per month (sept-may)———60 minute group class 


If there is more than 1 student in a family, I will give a $10.00 

discount for the 2nd, or more students in that family.


June-August lessons will have a 6 lessons minimum charge 

which will guarantee a lesson slot in the Fall.

 You are welcome to schedule extra lessons if I’m available :-)


*Families who qualify for the school hot lunch program can be enrolled in the Musik Link Program to have reduced lesson fees and free music since I am a Musik Link Teacher.  

I am also willing to trade for lessons.  I need help with bookkeeping, organizing, cleaning, decorating and after school, healthy snacks.